Sunday, April 12, 2009

Did anyone send flowers for Miz Boons's funeral?

You didn%26#039;t?

Oh you cheapskates.

Just wait till I cross over tonight, I%26#039;m going to tell her.

NOT thanking you.

Did anyone send flowers for Miz Boons%26#039;s funeral?
No!! Because she%26#039;s not dead!!! I refuse to believe that!!!

Screw all you people who think she%26#039;s dead!! I hate you all!!

Please forgive me, I didn%26#039;t mean that!! It%26#039;s just that wasn%26#039;t her time to go!! it%26#039;s all my fault! I%26#039;d do anything to bring her back!!

Oh GOD!!! I%26#039;m soooo depressed!! I%26#039;M GUNNA KILL MYSELF!! I swear I%26#039;ll do it!!

Oh she%26#039;s really gone, isn%26#039;t she? This is so hard but as long as her ghost is here, its like she%26#039;s still with us.
Reply:been drinkin lately?
Reply:I wasn%26#039;t in England!!!

Thought that counts right?
Reply:Yes, you are right, how thoughtless. My condolences, to you and your former self.

How about some nice sweet-smelling lillies for our dearly departed Mz. Boons.,? May she not so peacefully rest but come back to the Forum from time to time.
Reply:sorry it slipped my mind
Reply:but Miz Boons is dead and you%26#039;re her ghost . . . how can you tell %26quot;her%26quot;? lol

please do not come and haunt us :S
Reply:come to my house tonight,about 02:00am? u can walk through my door so i dont need to get out my bed and open it for you,wee can have a little chat hehe,at first i will be scare but then it will be ok sins i know its only you,wee can stay up all night drinking hot coco tea.
Reply:who is miz boon?

those flowers were for the funeral?

damn, i just handed them to a hottie.


Flowers for two at a funeral?

Yesterday I lost my sister and her husband in a tragic automobile accident. Besides the casket piece, does anyone have any ideas on a flower arrange for two? Like two hearts together or something?

Flowers for two at a funeral?
I am so sorry for you loss. Please know that my prayers are with you and your family. As for the floral arrangements, just tell the florist what is going on and they will help you decide what is best. The two hearts together is a beautiful idea.
Reply:I am so sorry for your loss ,The hearts would be very nice I think
Reply:im so sorry about your sister and her husband. i feel for you. i dont have any ideas for you the funeral home might have some ideas for you though or the florist. i just want to say im sorry
Reply:I am really sorry about your sad loss. I have lost 3brothers so have a good idea how you are feeling. Intertwined hearts sound lovely. I hope it is some consolation to think they will always be together now.
Reply:My condolences to you and your family. I like the two hearts idea.


What types of flowers to send to a Chinese funeral?

My friend%26#039;s father passed away recently and I want to get her family some condolence flowers. They are Chinese and quite auspicious. What type of flowers should I send? Is there another type of gift that would be more appropriate? Are certain colors of flowers inappropriate?

What types of flowers to send to a Chinese funeral?
hope this helps

Any color will do, except red. Black or dark color is more common than white. White is usually for the family only.

You can buy them some flowers, especially chrysanthnum, or other kind of flowers of yellow or white color, pink may do too, but never be red.

In some Chinese societies you%26#039;re expected to give some donation (called %26quot;Bai jin%26quot;, the number must be odd, never 100, make it 101, as it means that when you die, die yourself only, never die together, just avoid any even number.)
Reply:Not really sure, but chrysanthemums are usually an arrangement sent for this purpose.
Reply:White or yellow chrysanthemum. No red colours.
Reply:White flowers will do. White is the symbol of death in Buddhist culture.

super nanny

What can I make out of dried flowers from my mothers funeral arrangments that would make nice memory gift ?

i know i could make potapouri but i want something more original

What can I make out of dried flowers from my mothers funeral arrangments that would make nice memory gift ?
Make a shadow box, or buy one and place the dired flowers inside, so you can display it on the wall and you can always see them.
Reply:You could get a few more of her personal things that meant so much to her and remind you of her and make a very decorative shadow box. This can be done fairly easily and looks very nice. This also will alow people to view these memories in a very decorative way.
Reply:you can get a picture frame with a wide mat, and glue the flowers to the mat and put a pic of her in it, or a pic of the two of you in it.

You can make a wreath as well.
Reply:I would look at Victorian keepsakes at the library on online like fans, silk posies and wall decorations that can be framed. I am sorry about your loss.

You may not have time for all this with all the visiting relatives and choose a floral paper memorial at your church and give the flower arrangements to a nursing home or hospital like we did.
Reply:you can put together her favorite flowers or the ones you like the most that go together well. [or you can choose one by itself]. get a beautiful ribbon one that goes with the flowers you chose and one that reminds you of her and tie it around the flower[s] in a small bow. find a glass box that would be able to fit the arrangement inside. or you could press the flowers and tie them together and frame them in a nice frame. i did this after my mom%26#039;s funeral.hope this helps
Reply:you can have a rose bronzed then place it over a phote album with the pressed flowers and pictures you love. I am sorry for your loss. It hurts like hell and I hate that our loved ones have to go.
Reply:Have you thought of putting them onto paper and making a scrapbook? Use them on the front page and then put pictures and other memorabilia about your mom inside.
Reply:Neatly attach one of the dried dead leafs to nice card and write something to the extent..%26quot;Just like this flower, we will all wither away..%26quot;

%26quot;Thanks for attending!%26quot;

Make sure to thank everyone and maybe do a fondue party and make a note about that too on the same card.
Reply:Picture Frame or Shrine


Corsage (maybe a Picture)

What is the Place or Thing that Reminds you Most of Her?
Reply:see if your mother had some lace handkerchiefs..and take some of the dried flowers and put between these 2 handkerchiefs..add some fragrence like for potpourri or perfume..maybe her fav perfume...and sew the edges together or just wad this up and tie closed with a ribbon...

its a cute idea to sit on shelves..bookcases..or jsut sit on atable..someplace where youd see it alot.. and you%26#039;ll always have a memory of your mother..

heres ahug sweetie..and im sorry to hear of your loss..GOD bless
Reply:put it in a vase and with a purple ribon around it. and buy perfume and put the whole bottle in the vase in the vase
Reply:You can make a 1.5-2%26quot; tall box (similar to a lid of a shoe box) out of wood. Find things that remind you of your mother and fill the box. Place the flower petals around these items and pour liquid epoxy over them. Allow to dry and you will be able to display these items forever.
Reply:Make a salad and eat it.

This would be most ORIGNAL!

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After my husbands death I want to send a letter to thank the people who came to the funeral and sent flowers.?

That%26#039;s customary. I%26#039;m so sorry for your loss.

After my husbands death I want to send a letter to thank the people who came to the funeral and sent flowers.?
Did the funeral home have a guest book out? If they did, that would help you remember who was there, because I%26#039;m sure the whole thing was a blur. So sorry for your loss.
Reply:The funeral home will supply thank you notes, preprinted and you can add a note or two to them for a more personal touch to those you want to. Ask them, they are free. This is only necessary to those who sent flowers and gifts, others, you decide. Sorry for your loss. God Bless.
Reply:If you are asking if this is ok, it is a nice idea and will keep you busy and in touch with the people you only get to see at weddings and funerals
Reply:Of course. Sorry for your terrible loss. Go thank them, I%26#039;m sure they%26#039;l gladly accept it.
Reply:oh ..... that is good
Reply:thats a great idea its always nice to thank the people who came around when you needed them most. Where I live most people put an ad in the paper. I%26#039;m sorry for your loss
Reply:that%26#039;s not appropriate. do not extend morbidity further.
Reply:boohoo. srry, really srry. yeah, thats a good thing. do it. good luck in life. srry.
Reply:That would be the right thing to do.
Reply:Very nice to do inspite of your grief.
Reply:that%26#039;s very kind of you to do that
Reply:The easisest way to do this is take out an advert in your local paper... that way you can thank everyone include the nursing staff and doctors etc etc....
Reply:thats really lovley
Reply:i would take up a colomn in the local newspaper thanking and appreciation to others for joining you in your time of greif!
Reply:It%26#039;s not necessary to send a thank you, but you can send a brief note to those who sent flowers or cards.
Reply:Yes, that is the correct thing to do. Though it will be difficult to get the words out; just be very brief and thank the person for being there, etc. I am very sorry for your loss.
Reply:That is very nice.


Is it appropriate to send flowers to an Islamic funeral or family after a death in the family?

Co-worker is Islamic and her aunt just died. Our department wants to do something appropriate to show our support for her. Any suggsestions would be greatly appreciated.

Is it appropriate to send flowers to an Islamic funeral or family after a death in the family?
Dear reader i don%26#039;t think the question here is about what%26#039;s appropriate or not,i think it%26#039;s more about the sentiment and how it flows into people%26#039;s heart,people%26#039;s soul.

if you send flowers it will be a respect of two cultures one that doesn%26#039;t know what to do to appeal to the other but tries by having flowers sent, i am sure good will will be understood and highly appriciated,and that person will know that out there beyond the realm of family and relatives there people who do Really care in a world where people pretend that they do ,you have a complete and pure heart towards that person,and that will always be clear regardless of the religion at hand.

wish you all the best
Reply:I don%26#039;t see why sending flowers would be wrong.

It shows you care and are there for her.

That%26#039;s all that matters.
Reply:Of course, flowers would be very thoughtful.
Reply:Yes, maybe a plant would be another choice. I know that they would appreciate the thoughtfulness.


Will Larry Flint send flowers to Falwell's funeral?

Dead flowers!

Will Larry Flint send flowers to Falwell%26#039;s funeral?
I hope so. There is no better revenge than outliving your enemies
Reply:No, but he%26#039;ll probably be throwing a party.
Reply:I would if I were Larry. That would be funny.